Recent Projects
Mining of Technology Functions for Customer-Driven Product Development NRF 201606-201905 Principal Investigator
Developing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Young Technopreneurs KIPO 201001-202112 Principal Investigator
Patent Abstraction Modeling for the Next-Generation of Technical Information Mining NRF 201312-201611 Principal Investigator
A Function-Based Approach to R&D Architecturing for the Fourth Generation R&D NRF 200909-201208 Principal Investigator
A Role-Based Approach to Modeling of Human Processes for Knowledge Intensive Services NRF 200905-201202 Principal Investigator
Proposition of An Education Program for Talented Entrepreneurs of the Future KIPO 200905-200912 Principal Investigator
An ASP-Based Approach to Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management KITECH 200803-200902 Investigator
Ontology-Based Strategic Enterprise Architecturing KOSEF 200705-200902 Principal Investigator
A Strategy Deployment Framework for Strategy-Driven Process Innovation GIFT-POSCO 200701-200712 Principal Investigator
A Model-Driven Approach to Supply Chain Collaboration using Web Services KOSEF 2003.09-2006.08 Principal Investigator
Development of an On-Demand Manufacturing System MOCIE 2004.10-2005.09 Investigator
Development of a Virtual Manufacturing System MOE/BK21 1999.09-2006.02 Investigator
Generation of Assembly Models from Kinematic Constraints KRF 2002.12-2003.11 Principal Investigator

R&D Projects before 2003